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System requirements

   VisuMotion z.l.i.c.e.3D needs following minimum system configuration:

CPU  Intel Pentium Processor with at least 2 GHz or any higher Intel Processor
Graphics Card
  • nvidia (Geforce FX 7900 GS or better, newest driver (version 93.xx or higher)
  • ATI (FireGL / FirePro workstation graphic cards)
Operating System Windows 2000 Service Pack 4, Windows XP(32/64bit) Service Pack 2, Vista (32/64bit), Windows 7 (32/64bit)
Hard Disk 100 GB
Screen Resolution min. 1280×1024 pixel at 32bit color depth
Other latest DirectX9 installed
  MPEG4 Encoder installed, e.g. Xvid (64bit) or DivX (6.8 or higher) Codec 

  3D Movie Center needs following minimum system configuration:

CPU Intel Pentium4 > 3GHz, CoreDuo > 2 GHz or Core2 Duo > 2 GHz
Graphics Card
  • nvidia GeForce FX 6600/6800/7600/7800/7900 or better
  • ATI X1600/X1800/X1900 or better, with at least 256MB Video Memory, preferable is PCI Express
Operating System Windows 2000  Service Pack 4, Windows XP(32/64 bit) Service Pack 2, Vista (32/64 bit), Windows 7 (32/64 bit)
RAM 512 MB
Hard Disk 100 GB
Other Sound card
  Currently it is very important that the graphics card is fast enough to play the videos smoothly. Please don't try to use a slow consumer graphics card like nvidia 7300 or ATI X1300, and also don't use any integrated chipset like Intel G900.