About Us



Visumotion International Limited offers one-stop 3D Software Solutions. The core competence includes 3D Software Solutions, 3D Training and 3D Consulting.
Visumotion International Limited’s mission is to bring autostereoscopic (glasses-free 3D) visualization to various industries by delivering sophisticated, intelligent and one-stop total 3D solution. To this end, its strength is to combine its autostereoscopic(glasses-free 3D) display hardware, 3D content creation software, 3D content conversion software and content management for its clients.

Visumotion International Limited offers a variety of products and services that form outstanding 3D results, such as:

  • Technology components for 3D Advertising Media
  • Consumer 3D Gaming solutions in software and hardware
  • Technology components for 3D slot machines
  • Consulting and development services for 3D Display applications
  • Technology components for information systems using 3D Media
  • Adaption of professional applications in the fields of medicine, automotive, telecommunication, CAD and many more
  • Development of components for the aforementioned applications


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