2D to Stereo 3D Conversion Service


Visumotion International Limited provides professional 2D to Stereo 3D Conversion Service with Hollywood production house standards. The final product can be viewed with traditional glasses application, as in theatres or using blu-ray, or with our own autostereoscopic(glasses-free 3D) display, as in our digital signage and public display applications!

Key Features

  • Resolution: IMAX 4K/Cinema 2K/Digital Signage 2K
  • Self-developed interface and conversion software
  • Able to reduce 1/3 conversion time
  • High efficient workflow
  • Robust security network
  • Hollywood-quality output
  • Collaboration with industry-leading partners


Stage 1 :  Automate Video Segmentation

Given a 2D video , our software automatically segments the video into different shots

Stage 2 :  Create basic Depth Maps

Hand-paint the best depth maps as the key frames for the next stages

Stage 3 :  Propagate Depth Maps From Key Frames

Use the key frames for depth propagation. The software calculates the depth maps for the entire scene. Rotoscope is only needed for certain critical objects on key frames, which depends on quality requirements.

Stage 4 :  Refine Depth Maps Details

Advance correction accuracy for the depth maps. Apply realistic details to hand=painted depth maps to prevent the cardboard effect. Fine-tune transparent, fuzzy edges to ensure consistent and lifelike stereo visuals.

Stage 5 :  Output Videos and Audios

Generate different releases ( autostereoscopic or stereo-scopic) according to clients’ needs (e.g. cinema release or DOOH advertising)

Our Sevices

Price depends mainly on quality requirements, video complexity and deadlines.

For information on pricing and terms, as well as requests for demo conversions, please contact sales@visumotion.com