3D Hardware Solutions

Autostereoscopic(Glasses-free 3D) displays designed by Visumotion International Limited

Visumotion International Group offers a wide range of glasses-free 3D-Display products based on extensive experience in research, development and production know-how of auto-stereoscopic display technology.

Costumers can enjoy the 3D experience without the help of any viewing aids. Multiple persons are able to see spatial images, animation and videos from different perspectives and distances on these autostereoscopic displays.

We offers a remarkable portfolio of parallax barrier displays (PB) as well as the new multilayer optical element technology called "Chromatic Light Deflector" (CLD) with superiour features in brightness, colour truth and 3D effect. Both technologies are appropriate for display sizes ranging from 3 inches up to 65 inches. And even 3D Screens larger than 65 inches can be made upon request.

To realize the 3D effect, the technologies use multiple views (5 to 8) of the same image scenery. While looking at the 3D display, each eye catches basically a different view out of these multiple views and the human brain puts these two different views together into a 3D image.



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